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Welcome to the ASALH Members Page! Below you will find general news and information about ASALH membership and activities from the National Office and the Branches.

If you would like to perform individual member actions such as renewing your membership in ASALH, registering for ASALH events, or purchasing items from the ASALH store, please visit ASALH Online

Branch Leadership and Members Conference Calls

At least three times a year, the Vice-President for Membership and the Membership Committee holds a call with the branch leadership and any member of a branch or organizing branch who would like to dial in. Details on the call are emailed to branch members and documents for the call are posted in this section prior to the call.

Branch officers and members, please note the dates for the next conference call with the Dr. Janet Sims-Wood, National Vice President for Membership. All calls will be held at 8:00 pm EST.
The schedule for the 2014 calls are as follows:
Thursday, December 11, 2014

Please Dial: (857)-216-6700
Participation Code: 459954


Congratulations to the following members who were elected to the Executive Council

The following individuals are the Executive Council Class of 2017:

  • Thomas Battle
  • Martha Biondi
  • Bettye Gardner
  • James B. Stewart
  • Nikki Taylor
  • Gladys Gary Vaughn

ASALH Constitution and Bylaws Changes

The Bylaw amendment was approved by the Executive Council at its February meeting and reaffirmed at its June Executive Council meeting. The Committee presents the following amendments for approval by the General Membership. Voting on these proposed changes to the bylaws will be held on Thursday, September 25th at the General Membership meeting.

Click here to view the amendment change.

ASALH Community Board

The Community Board is where ASALH members can post their own announcements, upcoming events, and even job listings! The ASALH Community Board can be found here. You may submit an announcement or other information for the ASALH website using our website submission form here.

ASALH Branch Reports

Each branch is required to complete the Yearly Branch Report and submit it to the ASALH Headquarters by January 15th. Branch members, please assist your president in making sure your reports are in on time.

Remember, our bylaws require that your branch status via branch reports be reviewed by our Executive Council members at the June meeting. They look forward to the report of your projects and how you promote the legacy of Dr. Woodson.
A conference call was held on November 21, 2013 to review this new reporting document. The majority of our branches had representatives on the call. Please ask your branch president share what was covered during your next meeting. If you have any questions regarding these reports, please contact the Vice President for Membership, Dr. Janet Sims-Wood by email.

Branches can submit reports online or by paper form. These forms can be found here.

President's Report

Read the February 2013 ASALH President's Report from
Daryl Michael Scott here .

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Constitution and Bylaws
Click here for the current copy of the Constitution
and Bylaws. It is updated to reflect the change that was voted at the October 3, 2013 General membership Meeting regarding branches.


Make sure you get your ASALH mailings!  If you did not receive your Summer 2014 issue of the Journal of African American History (Vol. 99, No. #3), contact Byron Dunn at bydunn@asalh.net .

If you change your mailing address, send us your updated contact information.  If you have any
questions, contact our Membership Department at


"Woodson/Franklin Talks"

Forging Pathways to Multiculturalism and Interracial Understanding in the Twenty-First Century

The purpose of this proposal is to solicit support in hosting a series of ―Woodson/Franklin Talks‖ co-sponsored with the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. (ASALH). The purpose of the ―Woodson/Franklin Talks‖ would be to engage the public in a series of ―courageous conversations‖ that will address the problem of ―race‖ and methods of ―racial reconciliation‖ pursued historically in the United States and around the world.
The thoughts and ideas of Dr. Carter G. Woodson found in his 1933 seminal work The Mis-Education of the Negro and in Carter G. Woodson’s Appeal, written in 1921, but published in 2008, will serve as the springboard for this series of conversations.

Please click here to download the full proposal.

We need your help to reconnect with past members!

Do you know where they are?

In the past, there were ASALH Branches in the following states and cities within these states:
Arkansas (Marianna); Ohio (Shaker Heights, Columbus, Wilberforce, Toledo);
Georgia (Atlanta, Savannah); New Jersey (Sickleville, East Orange (2), Mt. Laurel); Missouri (St. Louis);
South Carolina (Orangeburg); Tennessee (Chattanooga); Wisconsin (Milwaukee); Delaware (Newark);
Connecticut (Hartford); Texas ( Houston and Dallas), and Kentucky (Louisville).

These branches no longer exist and we would like to revitalize them.  If you live in these areas or know
someone who does and may be interested in forming a branch, please contact the ASALH Executive Director,
Sylvia Y. Cyrus at
Executive Director.  We are working to form new branches,  revitalize inactive branches, or
reconnect with members who we have lost contact over the years.  Thanks for your help with this matter.

Information on Reinstating an ASALH Branch

Click here for the current copy
of the Constitution
and Bylaws.